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Elevate Your Collection, Not Your Inventory Levels

Your Vision, Our CraftsmanshipMade to Order Jewelry

Welcome to our Made-to-Order (MTO) program, your gateway to unique, made to order high end jewelry. This program allows you to showcase your most bold and distinctive designs without investing heavily into upfront inventory costs allowing your creativity to take hold. We start by crafting an initial prototype of each item, providing you with a transparent price and a tangible product for marketing and promotional purposes. From there, you can list these items as “in stock” and these items are fulfilled within a week, enabling you to service a segment you hadn’t previously. This approach eliminates the need for maintaining a large inventory, allows for a wider range of products, offering greater flexibility.

Jewelry Manufacturing Made EasyWhy Made to Order?

With our MTO program, you can present your designs in solid gold as “in stock” items. Production takes just a few days at our Los Angeles factory, freeing up resources that would otherwise be tied up in inventory. Our MTO program excels at providing made-to-order services for clients seeking solid gold options, as we efficiently create designs and orders at our LA factory.

How It Works

How Does It Work?

Simply provide images, designs, or finished CAD files of the items you’d like to offer as MTO. We’ll handle prototype creation, cost estimation, timeline determination, and all other necessary factors to begin offering this service to your clients. We even package, process and ship your orders directly to your customers at no additional fee. We truly strive to provide service that makes you feel like we are an additional extension to your team.

Who Is This Designed For?

MTO is suitable for any client looking to cater to a high-end clientele without maintaining a large inventory. It’s perfect for businesses offering a range of products at various price points, as well as those focusing solely on premium customers without investing heavily in upfront inventory.

Important Factors to Consider for MTO:

Our MTO program is available for solid gold, platinum, and diamond products only. An initial retainer cost of $15,000 is typically required to begin the process. Keep in mind that initial costs including design work and prototype creation would be factored into this amount. However, we provide our clients with complete transparency on the cost structure.

Does MTO Include Fulfillment?

Yes, MTO products can either be shipped to your business or fulfilled directly by us.

Fulfillment includes producing, packaging, and then shipping the MTO products to your customers.

The Best Products in the Made-to-Order Category

Our most successful MTO clients frequently use the program for solid gold chains, engagement rings, and timeless, classic jewelry basics like studs, tennis bracelets, and popular simple designs.

Fulfillment Services Available

For all our MTO clients, we offer fulfillment services, which include packaging and shipping products directly to your customers.

Typical Lead Time for MTO Products

Most items are completed within a few days, more complex designs may take up to a full week.

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