5 Easy Steps to Design & Manufacture Jewelry

Establish Your Goals:

In this phase, you must begin with having your basic designs ready. If you do not have this, do not move further until you have some ideas of what you want to do. From there, it would be helpful to have an idea of desired order quantities and price per product goals to start.

Find A Manufacturer:
Find out if your design is within their scope of work. Some manufacturers specialize in only certain types of metals or designs, make sure they are comfortable taking on your project. But beyond that, find out if they are a fit in terms of customer service, time zone or language limitations, and additional fees you may incur. Are your values in alignment?

Produce A Sample:
Begin the prototype process by getting clear on the design with your manufacturer. Once you receive your sample, you should have a clear picture of timelines, costs per unit, and if the quality is acceptable. If it is, you move on to producing more designs to get things moving. If not, reset to step 1 and find a manufacturer that allows you to reach your goals if they are realistic.

Package and Marketing:
Along with making your prototype, you should also consider packaging and marketing material (if any) that will go along. Don’t forget about website and shopping experience for your potential future clients. At this stage, you are doing all the detailed setup to launch. Nothing is perfect at the beginning and understand you will most likely make changes as you go along.

Selling and Growing
We’ve gone from 0 to 1 and now we are going from 1 to 100. This is the stage where you begin your growth journey. Have you aligned with a manufacturer that will be able to scale your project if you have found success? Make sure you get that figured out in step 2 or 3, as you need to start building momentum. You should already be looking ahead at future designs and continuing to build your relationship with your customers and your vendors.

Good luck! It won’t be easy but it can be rewarding and fun if you structure things correctly.


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